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Oregon OSHA Final Ruling For COVID-19

Just when we think the pandemic restrictions are easing, Oregon OSHA has issued a final infectious disease rule. Read on for what stays the same and what is different.

  1. There is no "sunset" date for this final ruling. In other words, OR-OSHA will determine when to repeal or roll back the rule due to the pandemic.

  2. You all should have protocols in place that address a process to notify staff if there is a potential workplace exposure (within 24 hours). There are exposure times and distance to consider.

  3. Good news, you can rely on the model policy (All GHR clients have a model policy in place).

  4. The mandatory physical distance and face covering rules are still in place. For now, face shields vs. masks is an up in the air discussion. However, it is up to the Oregon Health Authority to enforce. Bottom line, be safe and require masks.

  5. Businesses who comply do not need to perform another exposure assessment.

  6. As of 06/03/2021, employees who isolate or quarantine must be allowed to work from home "if suitable work is available". Contact GHR for a sample notice.

  7. New exceptional risk guidelines continue.

  8. These changes are complex and long. Be sure to reach out if you need assistance.

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