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Distanced Couple


When emotions get involved, conflict resolution requires an objective third party to help bridge the gap and encourage communication, understanding, and valid solutions.


Family & Divorce

Whether a conflict has arisen with regards to elder care or disagreements within divorce proceedings, it is always best to attempt to resolve family disputes without taking things to court.

In a divorce agreement mediation, we will ensure that you have all of the essential knowledge and tools to not only make responsible and intelligent choices, but also to consider the consequences of those decisions. The goal of the divorce agreement mediation is to  promote respectful and constructive discussions between the two parties, thereby facilitating your ability to conclude an agreement between yourselves.


Parent & Teen

Parents and teenagers are continually negotiating new ways of communicating with one another, and mediation will offer a discreet, supportive, and constructive environment for them to do so. In the case of a juvenile offender, mediation offers a non-judgemental space in which the teen can speak openly and  learn more about the impact of their crime. Our parent-child and parent-teen mediation will focus on setting boundaries, improving communication, and reducing conflict.

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