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Settling workplace disputes outside of court and prior to damaging escalation can make a strong difference in your company's future.


Employee Relations

A clash with an employee can be extremely detrimental to a company.In the workplace climate we are currently in, one large workplace dispute can trigger significant capital loss due to court costs or loss of customers. In addition to individual employee situations, we can also help with Collective Bargaining Agreements as well.


Investigations &
Discrimination Claims

From allegations of sexual harassment to racial or religious discrimination, mediation can help both parties come to a resolution either before or after an investigation. Conflicts regarding protected groups such as those with disabilities can be resolved in a similar manner.

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Executive Coaching

Our Executive Conflict Training will give you the knowledge, resources, and hands-on experience you need to deter and overcome organizational conflict. You will learn how to us these guidelines to effectively and efficiently solve most organizational disputes.

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Collective Bargaining

We have assisted multiple clients in successfully planning and negotiating unique and highly effective "win-win" collective bargaining agreements with many unions and employee organizations, frequently in difficult circumstances.

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