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GourmetHR evaluates your human resources functions to ensure that you are in accordance with existing labor and jobs laws and that your HR role is consistent with the company's objectives.

Planning Meeting

A Necessary Evaluation

Staffing, regulatory enforcement, cost reduction, corporate priorities, and other human resources concerns may all be the subject of HR audits. Human resources assessments should be conducted on a regular basis to prevent expensive court battles and penalties from the government. These HR audits and evaluations are especially useful after major changes in a business, such as reorganization, growth, or layoffs.

What Our HR Audit Entails

  • Evaluation of all HR policies.

  • Hiring, onboarding, performance improvement, recruitment, retention, compensation, benefits, and termination practices are all examined.

  • Data for key measures such as employee satisfaction and turnover is identified, reviewed, and maintained.

  • For compliance reporting, we provide metrics and optimization details.

  • Any major improvements are suggested and supported with data.

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