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Development (OD)


Finding solutions to the unique and complex issues your business faces.

Planning Meeting

Our Process

Types of OD Interventions


Confident Businessman

Individual interventions are crucial in that we must understand that large changes cannot happen without smaller changes.


Marketing team meeting

Team-level OD Interventions focus on interpersonal communication within groups in the interest of team building and project completion.


Audiovisual Conference

A whole-business OD intervention will focus on the goals, strategic planning, and solutions for the business as a whole.

Organizational Development (OD) Interventions are systematic programs that are designed to address problems and help the company achieve its objectives. At GourmetHR, we start by determining the type of OD intervention that's required.
When the intervention has been established, we devise a customized strategy for effectively addressing or resolving the issues. We then will work with management to implement the new changes, and finally, conduct a thorough evaluation of the intervention as a whole.



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