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Pricing & Plans

  • 1 Hr. Coaching

    1 hour consulting service. You pick the topic/goal
    Valid for one year
    • Call, text or chat for up to one hour.
    • Valid for 12 months after payment date.
    • Meeting must be scheduled within 12 months or no refund.
  • New Mediation Client

    We look forward to assisting you.
    Valid for one month
    • Deposit is drawn down as scope of work is executed.
  • Custom Service

    Your online HR professional at your fingertips.
    Valid for one week
    • Call or chat with us to receive a custom quote. 541-401-1105
    • Requires a $500 deposit that goes toward setup and services
  • New Client Intake Call

    Up to 45 minutes to discuss and assess the issue.
    Valid for 7 days
    • New Client Intake (up to 45 minutes)
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