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Don't want to talk to your ex? We do it for you.

  • Ex-Partner App + Facilitation
  • 15 min free admin/facilitation per month ($52.50 value)
  • Centralized/secure cloud storage for documents and photos
  • Share information with attorneys, counselors and family.
  • Confidential and safe journal to keep private notes.
  • Reporting features to save hours of gathering information.
  • Record and pay bills, daycare, and more through the app.
  • One location for all correspondence.
  • Requires app download.

Co-Parenting App

Price Options
Co-Parenting App
Don't want to talk to your ex? We do it for you.
$50.00every month until canceled
  • $50 per month per person for app. Other administrative, facilitation or mediation services include(s) 15 minutes facilitation ($52.50 value) that is deducted from service. Thereafter, the regular billing will be $3.00 per minute between the hours of Mon-Fri 7 AM – 6 PM PST. Hours outside of regular billing hours will be $5.00 per minute. Example: Each parent pays $50 per month. ME responds to client(s) question and sets up account which takes 25 minutes. Client would be billed 10 minutes at regular rate after deducting the free 15 minutes. CPI Change-Each calendar year, the rate may be increased by no more than 5 percent. The term of the agreement is expected to last until a mutual termination agreement is provided upon 30 days written notice. GourmetHR (GHR) may, with the client’s permission, utilize photos or other non-confidential information such as testimonials for marketing purposes. GHR agrees to provide business insurance. You agree to mediate unresolved issues with GHR.

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