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The most successful companies educate their staff, and we are here to support your continued growth and development.


Knowledge is Power

Organizational Development (OD) Interventions are systematic programs that are designed to address problems and help the company achieve its objectives. At GourmetHR, we start by determining the type of OD intervention that's required.
When the intervention has been established, we devise a customized strategy for effectively addressing or resolving the issues. We then will work with management to implement the new changes, and finally, conduct a thorough evaluation of the intervention as a whole.


Your most valuable asset is your workforce, and GourmetHR will help them reach their full potential. We provide your managers and supervisors with the educational resources they need to be the best managers in their field, as well as the knowledge they need to thrive and develop with your company. Your internal human resources personnel will also benefit from our advanced HR training. These sessions cover the fundamentals that every HR associate needs to know to do their job well. In addition, we provide continuing education on relevant HR subjects as well as links to useful HR services.

Onsite Training Offerings


Making sure employees and management are educated regarding laws and regulations.



Help reduce your workers compensation claims and premiums with safety training.


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Educate employees on protected leave options and regulations.

Protected Leave


Educate staff on the types of harassment in the workplace and how to prevent and report cases.



Learning how to identify and prevent workplace bullying.

Bullying Prevention


Trainings can be developed and customized to suit your needs.

Customized Trainings

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