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7 Employee Benefits To Engage and Retain Your Team Members


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Author: Tanya Lee, Disability Advocate and Freelance Writer

Editor: GourmetHR staff

Do you want to make your team members happier and more productive at work? Offering the right employee benefits can contribute to a higher job satisfaction rate. This article provides helpful tips on how to retain the best talents and keep your employees satisfied at work.

1. Continuing Education

Let your team members grow professionally by offering to pay for their education if they decide to go back to school. Educational benefits can keep your employees happy and fulfilled — and this can lead to higher productivity at work. Suggest information technology courses or online degree programs so they can finish their education at their own pace. For instance, a CompTIA certification can help them learn new applicable skills.

2. Professional Development In-House

Do you want your team members to become experts in their fields? Offer in-house professional development such as coaching programs or management training to help improve both personal and professional skills. You can also provide them with educational materials such as books or videos to widen their skill sets. Better yet, ask them for suggestions on how else you can help them grow their careers. Many folks struggle with finances. Consider asking your bank to provide a guest speaker to discuss tips for better financial management.

3. Wellness Programs

Free massages and yoga classes can contribute to wellness. You might want to consider hiring a dance coach and offer dance or Zumba classes after work hours. Dancing doesn't just help them physically and mentally, but it also encourages them to engage with other team members. Ensure the class supports all people at various levels of physical fitness.

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4. Free Food

According to USA Today, providing free food can help retain employees. It even results in a 67% satisfaction rate. Consider making a budget for free coffee, snacks, or lunch. Company-paid food is seen as a good perk, and it's a surefire way to keep the best employees. Food insecurity is a real thing. There are vendors who offer fresh and nutritious food options such as Canteen.

5. Flexible Working Hours

If the job doesn't require employees to be constantly monitored by a supervisor or manager, why not offer them a work-from-home option? For example, you can allow them to work from home a few days each week. Offering them flexible work hours shows you trust them to be on their own. If they work from home, just make sure to have an efficient timecard process in place to avoid issues with payroll. If there are key times or “core hours” your employees need to be in the office, discuss that to ensure employee engagement.

6. Travel Allowances

Some companies offer travel allowances to help pay for their team members' daily travel expenses to get to and from work. Providing this benefit shows you support your employees financially. However, be sure to have clear guidelines on this. Parking is another important value.

7. Funded Social Activities

Social activities can enhance your team members' interpersonal skills. It can also help them feel more connected to their group. Consider investing in your team by paying for team outings or dinners for them to stay more engaged. You can offer this as an incentive — For example, offering a company-funded vacation for the group with the highest sales.

What Benefits Will You Give Your Team Members?

Paid study leave, free lunch, and allowances can help you keep the best talents and make your team members satisfied at work. You can consider offering the suggestions above as an incentive to encourage team members to become more productive.

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