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Oregon Required Postings

Oregon updated a number of your required postings.

  1. Effective July 1, 2021 the OR minimum wage increases to $14/hour inside Portland Metro area; $12.75/hour in standard counties (i.e. Linn, Benton and Lane); $11.50/hour in nonurban counties. Map and 2021-06/30/2022 Minimum wage poster.

  1. The OR Equal Pay, OR Family Leave Act (OFLA) and Paid Sick time posters received an update. The changes are mainly cosmetic and no substantive changes such as they clearly define how employees can report a suspected violation. It is important to update your postings to the current ones.

  2. Sick Time

    1. Applies to all Oregon workers.

    2. Sick time applies to employers with 10 or more employees (Six if you have a location in Portland).

    3. Sick time can be used after 90-days or sooner if your policy states so.

    4. Did you know that you cannot request medical verification in advance of sick time that is not expected to last less than three consecutive scheduled workdays?

    5. You do not have to pay out sick time when an employee leaves unless your policy allows for it.

    6. If you have a policy that allows for sick time donation, an employee can donate their accrued time for authorized use.

  3. OR Equal Pay

    1. Applies to every OR employer.

    2. Employers are allowed to ask applicants about their preferred salary would be. You may not ask them about their previous salary history.

    3. Compensation means wages, salary, bonuses, fringe benefits and equity based compensation.

    4. Employers may pay shift differentials.

    5. Temporary employees might be eligible for a pay difference. Call me to discuss.

    6. Every worker must receive equal pay for equal work regardless of gender, race, age or other protected characteristics.

    7. There are bona fide factors to allow for a difference of pay such as a seniority system, merit system, workplace location, education, training and experience. The difference must be applied consistently.

    8. Employers may not reduce pay to comply with the Equal Pay law.

    9. OFLA

    10. OFLA applies to employers with more than 25 employees.

    11. Employees must work an average of 25 hours per week for 180 days. Only 180 days regardless of hours worked for parental leave.

    12. Leave is currently unpaid but will change to paid leave effective 01/2023. Employers will be required to start the tax deduction effective 01/2022.

    13. Reasons for leave are parental, serious health condition, pregnancy disability, sich child, military and bereavement leave.

    14. Benefits such as health insurance continue as if the employee is still working.

  4. GHR offers poster service resources so you will always be compliant including your remote workers.

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